About BRT Apartments

BRT Apartments Corp., a Maryland corporation, is an internally managed real estate investment trust that is primarily focused on the ownership, operation and development of multi-family properties.



BRT seeks to invest in properties and acquisitions which are:

  • Stabilized, undermanaged, or "value add" multi-family opportunities which would benefit from a capital improvement program and better hands-on management
  • Well located in areas showing positive indications of growth and which contain catalysts that promote employment and housing demand (e.g. universities, new commercial developments, airports, hospitals, and business centers)
  • 200 units or greater with an equity need minimum of $5 million

To a limited extent, BRT seeks to invest with experienced partner operators who:

  • Have a significant track record and expertise in the specific market where the asset is located
  • Are capable of investing at least 20% of the equity required for the project (and can provide additional equity if needed)
  • Have a relationship with the agency lenders and are able to (i) effectively navigate the agency loan application process, and (ii) sign on any necessary guarantees
  • Have management capabilities or a good association with high quality third-party management companies